Pokemon Moon and Sun

New Information about the Pokemon Sun and Moon Game

After data mining the newly released demo of the new Pokemon Sun and Moon video game, we were able to reveal some new information about the games. However, all the important strategy-based info is unavailable until players are able to get their own hands on the game. People who play Pokemon less casually will be wanting all the stats they can get which is why Pokemon information websites are becoming so popular. These websites allow users to see what abilities a Pokemon can learn.

In addition to the new Pokemon Sun and Moon site that has almost all the information on it, there is also a site by Bulbapedia called the Bulba Handbook which shows users every Pokemon available in the new Sun and moon games along with all their information.

Every Pokemon has its very own mobile-friendly web page with all the information available regarding that Pokemon including its attacks, health, defenses, special moves, speed, locations, evolution information, and many more. The ability to see all of the different moves and abilities obtained by a Pokemon at its different levels and evolutions is extremely helpful for playing the game to the optimal efficiency.

Besides the statistics offered on Bulbapedia, you can also view a list of the Pokemon in previous Pokemon games that are available in the Pokemon Sun and Moon games. Even more fascinating is the amount of time we have been watching the Alolan forms for similar Pokemon. The funny-looking Dugtri and Exeggutor are prime examples of why we fell in love with Pokemon in the first place.

Ever since the release of Pokemon Sun and Moon, hundreds of new Pokemon products have become available for purchase. These include the new Pokemon stuffed animals that we all have grown to love so dearly, and multiple new playing cards.