Volume Pedal

Why Do You Need a Volume Pedal?

When you are using a volume pedal you are in complete control of the master volume. You should not over look this power as it is very useful. You can taylor the volume you want the guitar or other musical instrument you have hooked up to your system to the volume you want. This means that when you are playing a song which goes from forte to pianissimo to forte you can moderate the jump in volume.

I personally use it this way, to find the, what I call ‘sweet spot,’ in volume for a song. This also means you don’t need multiple inputs for different songs or different beat speeds.

Uses of a Volume Pedal:

    • Control.
    • No need for multiple inputs to your guitar.
    • Can be used for “violining” a guitar.
    • Very useful for blending in and out different elements of your musical piece.

Having the best volume pedal for your device is a very important thing. It is wise to search around and look in lots of music shops to get the best volume pedal for you personally. It can be really hard especially if you play multiple different guitars to find one that works smoothly with all of them, but when you do it can be really useful to blend all the elements of your musical piece together as you are playing them live or recording. I would however watch out as I have personally slipped and stood on my volume pedal and promptly had my ears blown out.

When you are looking for the Best Guitar Volume Pedals you should make sure to test it with your guitar and not a random one in the store. Do not be afraid to bring your guitar along and test it out with yours to see what happens as each guitar input is different.